Man Moment

Dealing with the issues of life

The purpose of Man Moment ministry is to deal with the issues and pressures of life that men are faced within today’s society. The Bible says in Mark 3:27 “No man can enter into a strong man’s house, and spoil his goods, except he will first bind the strong man, and then he will spoil his house”. Men in today’s society are faced with a variety of problems that are spoiling or have spoiled their homes. Man Moment ministry is a ministry where men, no matter what culture or environment they come from, can vent and let loose without someone looking at them like they’re out of their minds. This ministry through and by the power of God will empower men so they can face the vicissitudes of life, which are challenging them on a daily basis. Man Moment ministry is an in-your-face ministry because we deal with real-life issues, implementing God’s word in a practical way!

Rodney Jones lEads this Movement

Brother Rodney Cox is not only Grace Plus Nothing Ministries vice-president but he also serves in the capacity of being the coordinator over the “Man Moment” ministry. Brother Cox is the epitome of what “Man Moment” stands for, and that is creating an environment where men can be open and honest about what they need, but most importantly how they feel! This ministry fits Brother Cox’s personality perfectly because he creates an environment where transparency is crucial; and this is what men need … because most men have a problem being open and honest about how they feel!


Bro Rodney jones

Everybody Needs a Rodney

Brother Cox is the type of individual where you feel welcome and at ease, thus relaxing and being yourself. Apostle Monds once did a sermon about Brother Cox entitled “Everybody Needs a Rodney.” This is vitally important because when one needs to vent, it’s good to know that you have someone who you can let go of and not worry about how and or what the one you vented too; will say or think about you. This is why Brother Cox is the coordinator over this particular ministry because you can release whatever is bothering you in the natural and not worry about hearing it repeated. Men, if you want to release and let it go; then “Man Moment” is for you, and Brother Cox is waiting!

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