Angela Monds


Angela Monds is the lovely wife of Anthony Monds, and the mother of their two beautiful daughters. She is a firm believer of education and has instilled this concept into their daughters, who has excelled in their education as well. Both she and Apostle Monds give all honor and glory to God for gracing them as they parent two women of God. Angela holds various degrees such as a criminal justice degree, a national registered paramedic degree, and a degree in psychology. She is truly a living example of striving to be all that God has called you to be.

Angela supports and serves along side her husband as they do the work of the Lord in His vineyard, knowing that it comes with great persecution. Although she may be short in her physical statue, she has been given divine revelation directly from the Throne of God, which she is able to share when the opportunity present itself. She has come to understand that her personal divine mandate has to do with ministering to hurting women who have been through abuse, both physically and mentally.

She knows that whatever God has brought you through; it is an inclination that He (God) has empowered you through it so you can minister to others. So she has not only the divine insight, but also the experience to speak a word that not only gives life; but also breaks the enemies grip over those who are in adverse situations. This woman of God is one that the enemy wish would have never persevered and chose to walk in her divine calling, because now she has become a kingdom of darkness destroyer!