Tearing down the walls of traditional ministry

Grace Plus Nothing Radio Ministries Incorporated is an out of the box ministry, which God has called to the forefront in a time where people are yearning for the sincere word of God. The purpose of this ministry is to tear down the walls of man made religion and tradition that has kept the believer in bondage, and to bring the believer into the light of the true and living God. We believe God has a purpose for everyone, our goal is to instill into people that no matter what walk of life you come from or what you are currently dealing with, God loves you and the purpose He has for you has not changed!

Apostle Anthony Monds

Grace Plus Nothing

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The Barrier Breakers Show

“Barrier Breakers” radio show will break every barrier, obstacle, and any misconception that a person may have of God, being saved, and living a productive life down here on earth. This will be done by using scriptures, but making the scripture practical so one can make them applicable to their everyday life.

We believe God has a purpose for everyone

No matter what you’re going through…count it ALL JOY! Go ahead and laugh at the enemy because he shot his best shot and failed! You’re a child of the Living God! ...

This is why I preach the GRACE MESSAGE! No matter you’re currently in; no matter what you have done or currently doing. The same God that rose Jesus from the grave is the same God that will resurrect you out of your situation! ...

We lost a general in the Army of the Lord last evening. Apostle Dr. Fred Price was a pioneer in the faith movement. Apostle Price’s teachings transcends from generation to generation; and for those who gleaned from the table God prepared through this vessel of clay understand what it means ...“ if you drink from this well you’ll never thirst anymore!” Today as the Body of Christ grieves the physical lost of the man of God; we trust the scripture when it states “ to be absent from the body is too be present with the Lord”. Rest well sir....you’ve certainly earned it. ...

We honor this Man of God because of his willingness to submit to the Will of God for his life. The selflessness on Dr King’s part has allowed those who were oppressed to be liberated from the demonic bondage of a nation who was and still remains blinded by the kingdom of darkness! Remember Dr King was a Prophet sent to this nation by God to liberate the oppressed spiritually, mentally, and physically! Although he made strides in civil rights.....make no mistake about it; he was a PROPHET SENT BY GOD. Please stop quoting this Man of God and start living how this man lived....non violent! ...