Barrier Breakers

The believer is suffering is because of the taboo issues of the organized church

The “Barrier Breakers” radio show


The “Barrier Breakers” radio show addresses the everyday issues of life in today’s society. We believe one of the reasons the believer is suffering is because of the taboo issues the organized church does not want to address, and if they do address these issues; they are in such a way that people feel as though God does not love them. The organized church has conditioned people into believing that there are certain things that are off-limits within the physical building, and if they do address a topic; it’s in the vernacular where it’s too churchy; so it ends up not helping anyone. This radio show deals with those taboo topics as well as any others people have faced, are facing and will face in today’s society.

“Barrier Breakers” radio show will break every barrier, obstacle, and any misconception that a person may have of God, being saved, and living a productive life down here on earth. This will be done by using scriptures, but making the scripture practical so one can make them applicable to their everyday life. As long as we stay silent, we allow the enemy to continue his attack on those who feel as though they have to suffer in silence, because if they were to come out and express their problems; they may be ostracized, and or excommunicated from the organized church. This radio show gives a person hope, encouragement, and an overall sense of stability that is grounded in His (God’s) Truth.

The foundation scripture for the “Barrier Breakers” radio show comes from John 5:1-11. This scripture is indicative of how those who are in the organized church have made it a place of works, and where one has to measure up to their standards (religion and tradition). They have in essence taken God out of the equation and place themselves in His (God’s) seat, thus creating a doctrine of works righteous! Well,  The “Barrier Breakers” radio show will tear down this misconception and annihilate the mindset of religion and traditions of men, and bring the believer into truth. So come go with us on a never-ending journey into Him (God), as He (God) reveals different facets of Himself to those who endure till the end.

Barrier Breakers Hosts

Apostle Anthony Monds

Apostle Monds’ passion is to lead those who have been hurt by the organized church, via religion and or the traditions of men; to free and empower them to do what God has created them to do.