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Suffering In Silence

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Viruses In The Body

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Itchy Ears

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Disrespecting Authority

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Let Me Use That

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Don’t Get Weary

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I’m Tired


I Will Rejoice

Whatever You’re Facing

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Ephesians 6

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Numbers 13

What’s Your Story – Part 4

What’s Your Story – Part 3

What’s Your Story – Part 2

What’s Your Story – Part 1

Paper Made – Part 1

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Peacock Christians – Part 2

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The Boat


Broken Hearted


I’m Hurting – 3


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Encouraging Word


Interview with Prophet Melvin




End of Year


Diva of Gospel Radio Interview


Battle Ready


Lamb of God


Galatians 6


Deep Hurts Pt4

Deep Hurts pt4 11-8-15.mp3

Deep Hurts Pt3

Deep Hurts pt3 11-1-15.mp3

Deep Hurts Pt2

Deep Hurts pt2 10-25-15.mp3

Deep Hurts Pt1

Deep Hurts pt1 10-18-15.mp3

God has not Forsaken You Pt3

He Has Not Forsaken You pt3 8-30-15.mp3

God has not Forsaken You Pt2

He has not Forsaken You Pt2 8-23-15.mp3

God has not Forsaken You Pt1

God has not Forsaken You 8-16-15.mp3

Dealing with Insecurities

Dealing with Insecurities Pt.4 7-26-15.mp3